Publications and Lectures

2014 Lecture "Reporting with Cloud Solutions from SAP"
SAP TechEd Berlin Expert Networking Session Speaker
2014 Lecture "Dos and Dont`s im Freelancerbeschaffungsprozess für
Projektdienstleister" DSAG SAP Business ByDesign Arbeitskreistreffen
2013 Lecture "Build a Cloud App for SAP Business ByDesign and Other
Cloud Objects" SAP TechEd Amsterdam Co-Speaker
2013 Lecture "Projektbezogene Erlösabgrenzung in Business ByDesign"
DSAG SAP Business ByDesign Arbeitskreistreffen
2012 Lecture "Development by Design" SAP Cloud Inside Track Palo Alto
2012 Publication "ByDesign goes Mobile" SAP Mentor Quarterly Q1
2011 Publication "Development by Design" SAP Mentor Quarterly Q4
2011 Lecture "Entwicklungshilfe für SAP Business ByDesign" CloudConf